An update on my hunt for Kevin Parle

Hello Everyone,
Please forgive the collective nature of this message, but because so many of you have been requesting an update on the hunt for Kevin Parle, I have had to send this message to you in this way, as to reply individually would take an age. I hope you can forgive me for this, but please rest assured, I am hugely grateful to you for your continued interest in the hunt for Kevin Parle. He will be found…
Last month I gave an interview to Art Hostage on his podcast. You can view/listen to it below.

This week the Liverpool Echo ran a piece about Lucy Hargreaves’ ghastly murder, which occurred on 3rd August 2005. You can find the article here –
For me, the most interesting part of this article is a quote from Howard Rubbery of Merseyside Police, who said ‘Parle is still believed to be living outside the United Kingdom and police enquiries continue to be conducted in both the UK and abroad.’
I sincerely hope that Merseyside Police and the National Crime Agency are as committed to finding Parle as I am.
The hunt continues…
With thanks again, and very best wishes,

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