An important message to those harbouring Kevin Parle

When I launched my hunt for Kevin Parle on 29th April 2019, I made it perfectly clear that I was not interested in gathering information or evidence about any wider criminality that may or may not surround him. That remains as true today as it did back then.

However, in recent months, I have received a considerable amount of information about criminal activities carried out by people who have most certainly been involved in harbouring Kevin Parle, whilst he has been on the run. With some assistance, and in order to try and locate Parle, I have developed this information, and I now know who, where and how, a profitable and illegal criminal organisation operates. This message is written in the hope that it will reach those people.

In a little over 48 hours, I am meeting with representatives from various law enforcement agencies, some of whom have a global reach and considerable resources. If Kevin Parle has not been located and captured by the time of this meeting, then I shall be presenting all of my information to these investigators. I know from my time in the police, that if I was to be presented with such an exhaustive intelligence package, I would set about dismantling this criminal operation with some glee, because so much of the leg work would have already been done for me.

Please do not construe this letter as a threat to anyone, because it simply isn’t. It is merely a statement of fact. Besides, I don’t have any guns, nor do I have an illegally operating gang, so I am not in a position to threaten anybody.

I do not have to go to this meeting. I am not compelled to hand over this wealth of information, because I am not a police officer any more, remember? I am member of public these days, albeit one who writes books, makes podcasts, and pops up on the TV every now and then. If Parle is located beforehand, then I will simply cancel the meeting, and the raft of information that I possess about you and your profitable activities will remain secrets that I will never divulge to anyone. You will remain free to carry on as you have done in the past. I shall destroy every scrap of information that I have about you, and there’s rather a lot of that!

If this message falls on deaf ears then I must say this before I go; There are only two things that will stop me hunting Kevin Parle. One, obviously, is his capture. The second is my death. Courageous people with a vast array of motives continue to contact me. He will be found…


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2 thoughts on “An important message to those harbouring Kevin Parle”

  1. If you keep everything secret doesn’t that make you part of the problem? Won’t you be aiding and abetting their activities?

  2. Hi from America, USA.
    Portsmouth, Rhode Island.
    Saw you on with Shaun, wonderful program! Today, Feb. 11.
    You made so much send with your approach to the drug problem. I was very impressed.
    I am dying to ask you about your dad….. did he die sober?
    I am a 30 year AA member and an ex social worker.

    Kindest Regards,

    Mary V

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